Our grower members represent over 50% of all conventional and over 70% of all organic leafy greens crop acres on the West Coast. Although most members grow a wide variety of vegetables and berries, our primary product focus is leafy greens, both conventionally and organically grown.


Our primary focus is helping members improve returns to their ranch through fully leveraging those economies of scale that can be achieved through collaboration and information as opposed to individual efforts.

Mission Statement

We believe in growing the healthiest food in the world, while being good stewards of the land. It all begins with the dirt and the people who work it and harvest its abundance. We are also committed to taking care of the communities in which we farm.

Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in being an adversary to processors or shippers and we don’t exist for the benefit of just the largest growers. We believe in working with all stakeholders in the supply chain to make sure grower member issues are heard and input costs are recouped. The industry starts with the dirt and is dependent on the growers that farm it. Growers have survived in large part because of fully depreciated equipment combined with weather-driven record yields. However, input costs are escalating at a record pace, driven by labor shortages, wage increases, new minimum wage and overtime laws, and health care costs, just to name a few. We feel that if growers have the right information at the right time they can make informed decisions on what deals to consider and how best to structure them.